The Second Stages

by New Jupiter

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released March 17, 2014

Heath Sousa - Drums/Vocals
Nicky Russo - Guitar/Vocals
Connor Farnham - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals/Trumpet
Tim Muzzy - Bass

Recorded, produced and mastered by Heath Sousa



all rights reserved


New Jupiter Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: With Apologies To
Is it too late to try?
Cause I tried

I tried so hard; broken apart at the seams.
Everything is moving to fast.
I don't want to leave.

These tears could fill a pool
Theres just no place for us
Our selfish souls that breath
And walk this barren earth
How am I supposed
To see in colours
Retrospect's black and white
These tears could fill a pool
Track Name: Peppermint Patty
Sometimes I don't think I am really awake

I don't know what my head was in
I don't know where my head has been

Sometimes I don't think I was ever awake

Some place, is there a damn choice I can make?
I see my self aside trying to avoid the fear

I can't see her now in my head
And I know I will be without her

It takes me now to understand we've never been

I'm done and want this ride to end
I'm getting sick of this damn trend

And the earth will shatter
And the earth will shatter

My whole mind is at pause
My whole self is so weak
I never thought you'd care

(Can we return)
Can I return
(To broken homes)
To broken Homes
Can I return
because I...
Never thought you'd care
Track Name: Everything Fades In the Winter
I'm scared for your life, I'm scared that I'll get saved.
I'm scared for your life, I'm scared you won't get saved.
I won't leave you behind.
I won't let you die struggling.

Take me somewhere
Anywhere is better than here
We flew somewhere
Far away and away from here
Then you left me somewhere
so cold and frozen in fear
I wished for somewhere
So warm and away from the years

That all died somewhere
far away and away from here
We prayed that someday
everything would be here

Sometimes I see you in my sleep, and it tears me apart.
Sometimes I close my eyes and you're there, and I'm torn apart.

You left me begging for forgiveness;
You left me begging for a second chance.
But at least I tried.